Tome offers courses designed to empower you, gain a deeper understanding of the Bible, and elevate your biblical intelligence. Our platform is a source of inspiration; providing uplifting stories that resonate with your journey and serve as a reminder of your strength. Join us on this transformative path of personal growth and spiritual exploration tailored to your unique life.

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Peace of Mind

It doesn't matter who you are - you need the tools to navigate your pain. We all experience trauma and challenges that have a lasting impact on who we become. Whether you pastor a church… or you're someone who performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, you’re a person carrying hurt inside —oftentimes for decades. It’s not easy to confront, but that hurt can either come out through your words… or it will come out through your body and your actions. Tim Ross, international speaker and host of The Basement Podcast, and Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child get extremely vulnerable with us and talk about their own personal challenges with mental health, abuse, insecurity, identity, and the pressure of having demanding lifestyles. They'll unpack what the Bible reveals about our mental health, give us some of the clinical tools for addressing mental health challenges, and bring examples from their own lives.

Our Why.

You are our why! We designed Tome to be the ultimate resource for those who are determined to thrive in life and embrace personal, professional and spiritual growth. With Tome, you’ll embark on an empowering journey of self-discovery, find solace amidst life’s challenges, and deepen your connection with and understanding of the Bible. We are motivated by imagining the confidence you will gain as you navigate through the transformative content we offer. We pray that our platform gives you the tools and insights you need to flourish and rise above pain. It is our joy to help you seize control of your destiny, to unlock your full potential, and to become the best version of yourself.

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At the heart of our community are vibrant individuals who understand your journey firsthand. They are a diverse group of real people, much like yourself, who share a common thread of transparency and honesty. Unlike the traditional confines of church or even the polished stage of a TED talk, they bring forth authentic narratives that speak directly to your soul, empowering you to embrace your unique path and pursue a life filled with purpose and joy. Among them, you'll find storytellers who craft narratives that resonate with your own experiences, influencers who inspire and uplift, faith leaders who provide guidance and support, athletes who embody resilience and determination, business people who navigate the challenges of life, and parents who juggle multiple responsibilities with unwavering love.

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Discover a world of possibilities tailored specifically for you. Immerse yourself in the timeless wisdom of biblical truths while equipping yourself with practical knowledge that will truly make a difference in your life. Embrace this transformative journey and watch as you emerge stronger, wiser, and filled with unwavering confidence.

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